Summer Time!!!!! May 27, 2017
How many of us are excited that school is out and well… ugh,…. Kids are free???? What to do now???
Here are some things to think about this summer: 
1. Create a Bucket list for the summer:
Make a list of intentional things you want to do with your kids this summer. Make it fun. Write them on popsicle sticks, dry erase boards, poster boards, or cut out pictures from magazines. Make your lists together as a family and once a week, draw from the popsicles or choose a activity to complete. Here are some ideas: 
* Read a book
* Talk a walk together
*Sing a favorite song
*Play a game
* Have a picnic
* Go for a day trip
*Run through the sprinkler
* Go on a family bike ride
*Have a water balloon fight
*Camp in your backyard
* Go to the zoo
*Do a service project
*Bake something together
*Go bowling
*Work in the garden
*Go through old pictures
*Go to a museum
2. Take advantage of the summer evenings:
And plan a few outdoor Family Time Activities. You can find ideas for fun family nights at
3. Summer serving:
Summer time is a great opportunity to teach your children about serving and helping others. See if there is a neighborhood or a friend that is in need. Your project can be as simple as providing a meal to mowing the yard for the elderly. 
4. Summer stories:
Awaken your family’s moral imagination with great stories rooted in Christian values. As a place to start read outloud together; Chronicles of Narnia series, Sugar Creek Gang series, or look up your own in, Honey for a child’s heart,
by Gladys Hunt.
5. Summer Movies:
Watching movies together as a family can be fun. Pick a movie and ask these questions after you watch them.
* What was the big idea in the story?
*Who were the main characters and what were they hoping to achieve?
* What qualities did you admire in the main characters? 
* What qualities did not honor God? 
* What themes or ideas from this film touch issues of faith and or morality? 
* Did the story affirm our beliefs or undermine them? 
For a review of movies you can go to A service of Focus on the Family. 
6. Make a Journal or Summer Photo book:
Gather supplies for journaling or making a photo book together. Intentionally plan for pictures and time for drawing and creative journaling the summer as a family. You will not regret having a record of your time together when summer is over. 
7. Summer travel:
 Help children get the most of traveling by allowing them to participate in the planning. Pack a special activity bag for the long hours in the car. 
*Drive time audio: obtain audiobooks from the library to take on your journey. Our favorite and funny ones are Adventures in Odyssey and Hank the Cow Dog. 
*Play Car Bingo. You can make your own bingo game by using stickers of items you might see on your way. (trees, animals, cows, cars, tractors, etc) you can find bingo templates at
* Alphabet thankfulness. You can play this game out loud. Starting with the letter A, each person names something they are thankful for as you go down the list of alphabets that you find along the way on road signs. 
8. Go star gazing:
Out here in the middle of rural Texas there are many places to stargaze at night without the shadows of city lights. Take your children out to one of the canyons and watch the stars. Bring a blanket and focus on God’s creation and discover some of the many references in the book of Psalms to the stars and the heavens. SKY Map on Android is a free app for your phone. Just simply download and point your phone to the sky. The app will tell you what you are looking at in the heavens. Aso if you are interested in the constellations, SKYView is a free app that maps out the constellations for you on your phone by simply pointing your phone to the sky. You can also visit a real telescope at THREE RIVERS FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS COMANCHE SPRINGS ASTRONOMY CAMPUS in Crowell Texas. Here is the web site for more information:
9. Summer Scripture: Pick a scripture for your family to memorize together. Write it out on a posterboard, sing it, dance to it, play games with the words, and make it your goal to memorize that verse or a set of verses by summer’s end. Then celebrate your success by taking a day trip or special dinner together as a family. 
10. Connect your kids to the activities going on at College Heights Baptist church this summer.
 * Answers for KIDS on Wednesday nights
* Small group Bible studies on Sunday Mornings
* Summer kids camps with GA’s and RA’s groups (be aware of deadlines to attend)
*Vacation Bible school, June 19-23
* Summer special activities planned. 
Have fun exploring the world God made this summer!
Linda 🙂
Resources:  Lakepointe Church, Focus on the Family, Heritage builders