Fossils Really? 
This  is a picture of an extinct horse, a Equus Scotti that we excavated right here in the Panhandle of Texas. Actually he was one of eight that died suddenly from a catastrophic event. We know from the research we completed that this fossil was most likely the Alpha Male due to his size, teeth, and location. His bones were preserved by the soupy mix of chemicals that surrounded him upon his death. We also know that the soupy mix of chemicals included volcanic ash. So where does he fit in age and Biblical history? Well, very smart people called Christian Paleontologists tell us that he might have wandered these parts around the time of Abraham in the Bible. This horse now resides in a local museum. But to find out more about fossils and God’s word, come to our Wednesday night program called, “Answers for KIDS” this summer at 6:00 pm. I bet you can even see some of his bones up close and personal.  
Looking forward to seeing you, and the dead horse, on Wednesday nights! 
Linda 🙂