January 2018

Prayer and Who is God

I pray this New Year brings you closer to God than ever before. That you are able to grow closer to your Spouse, your kids, and to know God’s calling for you.

In the children’s department we are excited to start “I’m and Christian Now” and explorations that dive into talking to God and who God is.

The resources for January will follow the same lines as well as some individual and family inventory, character training and other ways to help you be intentional with your family. If you would need a hard copy we have all the resources for this month displayed at the entrance to the children’s department. Please take as many as you need.

These resources are for you and your family. Please let us know what you would like to see in February! It is a blessing to serve you

Tabetha Napier

CHBC Children’s ministry intern

It is the time of year for New Year resolutions! personally I am not a fan of New Year resolutions, but in my Sunday school class we have talked about them and the more I think about it the more i realize it is important to set goals. If i never set a goal I am never going to try. Failing to plan is planning to fail. I have decided I may need to make some goals. I know that if i do not take care of myself I am not going to take care of my kids and I am not as loving of a wife. If I am healthy I can give more to my family healthy-individuals-create-healthy-marriages. This very short assessment will help identify areas that you may not be taking care of your self, Are you taking care of yourself?
Even though this is the children’s department, I will always have something to do with: marriage, self care, babies, teens, blended family. ?Why? Because this is the world your child lives in and is influenced by. Your relationship to your spouse has a HUGE effect on your child. These resources will help you strengthen you so you can lead your child. Prayer Closer to God, Closer to each other
Teaching a child to pray is important and that can make it seem intimidating. LakePointe Church in Dallas Texas has some amazing resources to help you teach your child to talk to God (They have free resources you can print off, just follow their link in the article that says “this kit” or come by the wall and get a hard copy). Keep your eyes open for an up coming bog on what we are trying for a few weeks in the Napier house. Our boys are 2 and 5 months but I’m trying to do things that I can continue as they grow. 
Understanding Sin can be tricky for kids because it can be abstract, it can also be very concrete. This is a very simple object lesson that you could do in about 10 minuets on a walk. I have noticed that so many kids think of sin as something they do, but they struggle to think about the impact their sin has. 
Coming soon will be some material from Experiencing God: At Home.