What You Should Know About CHBC Children?

At CHBC we love families!! Our goal is to equip you, as a parent, to take what your child learns in Bible study and Sunday School and teach it, say it, model it and live it daily in your lives. Children are learning every minute of the day and we want to make sure they grown into strong adults with a relationship with Christ.

We want to assure you that your children will be in good hands. Our trained workers and well-staffed clubs ensure an atmosphere of security, safety, and fun. We do our best to make sure each child stays safe, including personally making sure that every kid gets back to his or her parent at the end of each event.


Helpful information for parents:

  • The first time your child attends College Heights, we ask that you, the parent, complete a short information sheet with contact information and any special information that would help us in caring for your child. 
  • CHBC Children’s Ministry is a family ministry and we want to partnership with you in the spiritual training of your children. We have provided a Family Resource center for you located just outside the Children’s Department door. It gives you an opportunity to receive information about current helps for spiritual training your children. These resources are updated each month.